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Ancestor: bell hooks

One of my first loves was bell hooks, I did not know it at the time, but felt a connection. It was the first time I'd read the texture of my inner experience externalized to the outer world. While reading "Black Looks", I'd learned new language which inspired me to dive into Black Feminism and learned a history which was missing in my education. Black feminism corrected my spine; created a sound in my voice; and gave me permission to dream outside of patriarchal capitalist white supremacy. I continued to follow bell hooks over the years, and in many ways her love for text, images, and discourse kept me alive.

When she transitioned, I'd read "All about love" again, and found whispers and warnings I desperately needed hear. Ancestors have a way of speaking what needs to be heard when our heart and ears are open.

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and get your journal ready! We are going to talk, write, and feel "All about love" for the month of February. It is my hope your love of self and others deepens on this journey.

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