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GO Slow

The holidays is an invitation to go slow. Businesses and schools are closed, and our day might be less full. There might be an impulse to clean our homes and/or catch up on a work or home project to be production. However, productivity may take us away from what really matters for us. When we go slow there is an invitation to notice sound, sight, taste, and touch around us. This noticing, if we are not familiar, may be triggering, and its ok to explore this notice sensations at your own pace. Maybe this looks like slowing tasting your coffee for 30 seconds, and noticing if you are enjoying the taste or drinking it out of habit. When we slow down we are able to experience choice and consent in a way which may not be possible when we are moving into overdrive. Name one activity you might want to practice slowing down today for 30-60 seconds. Notice the experiencing of slowing down for 30-60 seconds, and see it this is a skill you want to incorporate daily.

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