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Trauma can feel like an insurmountable barrier, casting a shadow over life’s potential. At Ancestral Memory Therapy, we don’t see you as defined by your trauma. We see you as a person embarking on a journey of discovery and healing. Utilizing a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy and the transformative power of ancestral embodiment, our trained therapists guide you towards integrating and healing from your past. It’s not about forgetting or ignoring trauma but learning to navigate life with it, using it as a stepping stone towards a healthier, happier future. Step into the empowering world of Ancestral Memory Therapy and experience the profound healing that comes from reconnecting with your roots and embracing your entire self.

Our Mental Health Services

Individual Therapy

Unearth your path towards integration and healing with our personalized therapy sessions. Tailored for individuals aged 18 and above, our expert therapists use cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, and other proven modalities. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Anti-Oppression Consultation for Individuals & Groups

Let us help bridge the gap between theory and practice. With our Anti-Oppression Consultation, we assist you in translating the language of anti-racism and anti-oppressive practice into tangible action in your day-to-day life.

Supervision for Ontario Therapists

As therapists, we recognize the need for mutual support. Our supervision services provide a nurturing space for therapists to explore the complex intersections of personal histories, traumas, and victories. We believe in fostering your growth and honouring your humanity while helping you navigate the complex waters of trauma therapy.

Each of our services is crafted with care, understanding, and a deep commitment to your healing journey. Let's explore your path together at Ancestral Memory Therapy.

Melissa Taylor, MSW

Clinical Director & Therapist

Navigating both physical and virtual spaces, Melissa is a third-culture individual deeply versed in cultural nuances and intergenerational trauma. Driven by a mission to reconnect with her ancestors and to help others on their own journeys of reconnection, she specializes in addressing relational and intergenerational trauma as well as oppression.

Melissa’s practice is grounded in principles of anti-racism, anti-oppressive practices, and Black feminism. She’s committed to working with individuals impacted by colonization, enslavement, and 2SLGTBQ+ oppression.

Melissa’s certifications span Cognitive Processing Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness, EMDR, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. She’s registered to practice in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Through her empathy and expertise, Melissa illuminates the path towards healing and reconnection at Ancestral Memory Therapy.

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