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What is ancestral memory?

Ancestral memory is the knowledge birthed within us from one generation to the next. This knowledge sometimes has language, feelings, images, and dreams. Knowledge curated over centuries, and the beginning of time. Knowledge housed in old bones, new bones, spirit, animals, and water. As I am naming ancestral wisdom, it has become clear that my tongue and mind cannot speak to its shape entirely. What I care to imprint upon all of you, is ancestral wisdom is with you at all times whether you feel its presence or not. 

External and internalized noise of the world distances us from inner wisdom. We often experience noise as the frequency of  systemic issues and/or events that travel within our body without consent. We embody noise without knowing we are because the frequency can be the air we breath.  The common types of noises are oppression, trauma, and productivity. Systemic and individual oppression & trauma can activate our stress response and leave our body in a state of freeze, flee, fight, and fawn. Our stress response has inherent wisdom to keep us alive in perceived and dangerous situations; however, chronic oppression and trauma can disorganizes our automatic response. When our stress response is activated we are in survival mode and have little access to a higher level of wisdom which is organized around love .



Ancestral Memory and Anti-Black Racism Training and workshops

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Individual psychotherapy

for adults

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Available for lectures, panels, and community events 

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